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has not contacted each other. Since her last resignation, she has vowed to say that she has opened a pottery hall. Now, not Microsoft Database it exam only does the pottery hall not open, but the relationship between her and Rong Chengmo has not improved. How is it worse than when I first returned to Haicheng Xiao Xiao smiled and took the call. Hey, Song Big Brother. Song Heng is as elegant as ever. Are you resting Song Heng was always careful, and naturally he heard Xiao Xiao s voice, and suddenly he Microsoft Database was just asleep. This point is sleeping. I was too sleepy, I just slept. Is it disturbing you Xiao Xiao quickly shook his head. No, I have slept for a Microsoft Certification long time, and my bones are sleeping. Right, Song Big Brother, you Is there anything I can find for me I.have a design of pottery products to show you, I want you to give me some advice. Xiao Xiaowei, I For Xiao Wei , Song Heng s design for pottery, nature It is a connoisseur, and she is barely a layman who stands at the door and looks at the doorway. What professional advice can she give him I always think that you are very talented in ceramic design. This time, the design of ceramic art is also very important, so I want to hear your opi

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